Charity (Catholic Spirituality for Adults)

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How Does Our Parish Benefit?

Family and Community Services: Whether the need is a loving home for foster care or help with substance abuse, Catholic Charities provides an integrated system of services to children and families, including early learning centers and Head Start programs with Early Childhood Educated Staff, parenting classes, job placement training and mental health counseling. Persons with Disabilities: Catholic Charities provides services to children and adults with disabilities, enabling them to live to their fullest potential.

Social and recreational activities, such as summer and day camp and monthly dances, provide opportunities for enrichment. Life skills training and in-home personal care help meet the challenges and triumphs of living independently. Emergency and Specialized Services: Whether they are the working poor or unemployed and homeless, the number of people with emergency and transitional needs continue to grow.

Affiliated Organizations

Grounded in Catholic social teaching, Catholic Charities is motivated to assist those with the most basic needs of food and shelter, but strives to help move people beyond permanent crisis. Catholic Charities offers a range of living options — from independent living to skilled nursing care, home visits, meal delivery, transportation services and adult day activities.

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Treatment, Prevention, and Recovery Services: Catholic Charities provides a comprehensive system of services designed specifically for the mental health and chemical dependency needs of children, youth and adults. Many services are offered by bilingual, bi-cultural staff to specifically serve the Hispanic community.

Programs are offered at multiple locations in Cuyahoga County. The Office for Human Life and Dignity is also housed under this office. Jun 29, Jul 2.

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Our responsibility to charity requires a self-sacrifice – Catholic Philly

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