The Princess,The Gardener,and The Visitor

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Tammy Ogden-The Princess, the Gardener and the Visitor

He was appointed secretary to the West Midland district association of the National Vegetable Society when he was only 23, serving two years in this role, during which time he became a regular contributor to Simply Veg magazine. He subsequently became Chairman of Wollaston Gardeners Guild and this very popular horticultural group based at Stourbridge Institute went from strength to strength under his enthusiastic leadership.

The two recognised in each other kindred spirits, sharing a deep love of plants as well as a desire to showcase both imaginative garden design and the skills of good gardening practice. John appointed Adam as head gardener and Adam quickly made an impression on the development of the garden, with many wonderful planting schemes being created.

He and John loved to bounce ideas off each other and a recent successful project was the development of the unique Fern Stump Garden while a planned extension of the garden showcasing a huge Cornus kousa collection is well underway. There can be no doubt that Adam had the most promising future ahead of him and his death is the cruellest of blows, not only to John and the Ashwood team but to the world of horticulture. We offer our deepest sympathy to his parents John and Gay, their loss is unimaginable.

The Princess, the Gardener and the Visitor

We became best friends, he made me feel young again, I miss him terribly, but I know he will live on in our garden. We had so many plans, so much we were going to do together, so many gardens to visit; I thought we had lots more time; but we will still keep gardening together, keep visiting our friends and enjoying their gardens, because Adam will always be with me in my heart. We are very sorry for any inconvenience but we do hope all our customers will understand our reasons at this very sad time.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! - The Visitor & The Visitor Returns

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