Les Prophéties de M. Nostradamus (French Edition)

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For now that the planet Mars is perfectly completing its cycle, and is at the end of its most recent period, so it shall take it up again - but with some grouped in Aquarius for several years, and others grouped in Cancer for longer and more continuous periods. And - given that we are now conducted by the moon thanks to the omnipotence of God eternal, before it has perfected its full circuit, the sun shall come and then Saturn.


For according to the signs in the sky the reign of Saturn shall return, as everyone calculated. The world is approaching, an anaragonic revolution [ precession of Polestar] and from the present [] I write here that [From the aforesaid event] before a hundred and seventy seven years three months plus eleven days [CE] there will be pestilence, long famine, and wars. And by worldwide floods between here and the term I have fore-stated, and before and after it by several times, will [the world] be so diminished, and so few people will there be found that want to take to the fields which will become free for as long as their prior owners have held them.

And with respect to this celestial judgment which is still seen, we are in the seventh number of the millennium that perfects it all and we are approaching the eighth, where is located the firmament of the eighth sphere and which has a latitudinal dimension. This is where the great Eternal God will come to perfect the revolution whereby celestial images will return to their [usual] moves and this upper movement makes the land stable and firm non inclinabitur in saeculum saeculi Latin: not ever moving.

To off set this his will must be accomplished but not otherwise,. How then do these ambiguous opinions exceeding all Mahommedan dreams arise by natural reasons, when God the Creator is timeless; it is by the minister of his messengers of fire.

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The missive is in their burning flame which comes to offer us external reference. Similarly our eyes then become causes of future prediction, signifying future cases that must occur to him that presages. Because the exterior light which brings the presage infallibly judges its parts, so truly [is it judged] that the parts seem to use the eye for understanding, which is the purpose of this imaginative lesion. The reason for this is too obvious, since all is predicted by god's outflow, and it is by means of Angelic spirit that the man prophesying is inspired.

This means that the prophecies are illuminated in layers starting with the emotions at the front of his fantasies. By various nocturnal visions it is prophesied and made certain by conjoint astronomical calculations administered in the day.

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  6. Thereby this is a sanctified prediction of the future with no consideration from elsewhere that is based on free will. The time comes my son, to hear that it is by my revolutions, which accord to revealed inspiration, that we know the mortal sword approaches with plague and a war due to the lives of three men that is more horrible than there has ever been.

    And the famine, which will fall to Earth, will return whilst the stars agree with the revolution. And [until that time] it is also said Latin:I will visit their iniquities with a rod of iron, and strike them with lashes because God's mercy will be scattered to a time, my son, when most of my prophecies will have been completed, and this will also be when the revolution is accomplished. Then there are many times during these sinister tempests that the Lord will say, [Latin: 'I will trample and break them, and will have no mercy' and many other things shall come to occur through the floods and continual rains, as I have set out more fully in writing in my other prophecies which are written out at length in soluta oratione [Latin: 'in plain prose'], limiting the places, times and the pre-ordained period.

    To bring this to a close then, my son, take this gift from your father M. Nostradamus, who hopes to explain to you every one of the prophecies set out in these quatrains. Praying God immortal that he will grant you long life, in good and prosperous happiness. From Salon, this 1st of March Soli numine divino afflari praesagiunt et spiritu prophetico particularia. Combien que de long temps par plusieurs fois i'aye predict long temps auparavant ce que depuis est advenu, et en particulieres regions attribuant le tout estre faict par la vertu et inspiration divine, et autres felices et sinistres adventures de acceleree promptitude prononcees que depuis sont advenues par les climats du monde: ayant voulu taire et delaisser pour cause de l'iniure,et non tant seulement du temps present, mais aussi de la plus grande part du futur, de mettre par escrit,.

    (3) Les prophéties de l'apocypse - L'apocalypse selon Nostradamus

    Considerant aussi la sentence du vray Sauveur. Nolite sanctum dare canibus, nec mittatis margaritas ante porcos, ne conculcent pedibus et conversi dirumpant vos. Quia non est nostrum noscere tempora, nec momenta etc. Car les oeuvres divines, que totament sont absolues, Dieu les vient parachever: la moyenne qui est au milieu les Anges : la troisiesme les mauvais. Et cas advenant que le Prophete moyennant la parfaicte lumiere de la prophetie luy appaire manifestement des choses divines, comme humaines, que ce ne se peut faire, veu que les effects de la future prediction s'estendent loing.

    Et maintenant que sommes conduicts par la Lune, moyennant la totale puissance de Dieu eternel, qu'avant qu'elle aye paracheve son total circuit, le Soleil viendra, et puis Saturne. Alors par plusieurs fois durant les sinistre tempestes. Faisant fin, mon fils, pren donc ce don de ton pere Michel Nostradamus, esperant toy declarer une chacune Prophetie des quatrains cy mis.

    De Salon ce 1. PCE1, Astronomic calculations- Rationale PCF1 Your late arrival, Caesar Nostredame my son, has caused me to spend a great deal of time in continuous nightly vigilance followed by writings that will be for you the memory that will outlast the bodily death of your father.

    Hohlenberg ; Opklaringen af Nostradamus Profetier by C. Prophecies in films and literature: In the film version of H. Wells 's novel The Time Machine dir. Fred Hoyle 's first novel Black Cloud postulates the arrival of a sentient cloud af gas from space in the s. A leathal virus wipes out 5 billion people in in Terry Gilliam's film Twelve Monkeys HAL , the most advanced supercomputer is born, and guides four years later the spaceship Discovery to Jupiter in Arthur C.

    Clarke 's novel A Space Odyssey Suomeksi ovat ilmestyneet mm. Liken kustantamana ilmestyi vuonna huolella toimitettu teos, Nostradamuksen ennustukset kommentaareineen , toim. Kuusankosken kaupunginkirjasto Nostradamus - true name Michel de Notredame or Nostredame. Sitting by night in my secret study, Alone, resting upon the stool of brass, A slight flame, going out of the solitude, Makes me pronounce what is not to be believed vain. The wand in hand, set in the middle of the branches, From the wave I wet both the hem and the foot, In fear I write, trembling in the sleeves, Divine splendor: the Divine seated nearby.

    He lived 62 years, 6 months and 17 days. He died at Salon in the year Let not posterity disturb his rest. Used - Good. Shows some signs of wear and may have some markings on the inside. Shipped to over one million happy customers.

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    6. Your purchase benefits world literacy! These comprise a continuous run from Letter Number through Letter Number The publication dates have been handwritten on each Letter beginning Sept. The letters are addressed "Dear William and Soulcrafters:" There is scattered underlining of text.

      Each letter is 5 pages in length.

      Nostradamus Preface to Caesar

      Spiral Bound. Ort De Fontbrune gebroch. Les vraies centuries et propheties de Michel Nostradamus. Avec sa vie et un glossaire Nostradamique.

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      Paul E. Erdlen -Est. Prophetische Weltgeschichte. Bookseller reference : EBY Bookseller reference : Mass Market Paperback. Brossura editoriale illustrata pagine Soft Cover. Cover yellowing and slightly stained. Front cover torn.

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