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Saved Save. Not necessarily. Here are some other ways to include him in your big day. Here are a few ideas. Include them all. He was still angry, but his thoughts were garbled, and I suspected that he no longer remembered much about what had happened between them, only that his father had turned him away. He gave me occasional sidelong glances, seeming torn between politeness and mistrust, affection and self-preservation.

I asked if he needed any camping gear—a tent, a tarp, a sleeping bag.

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He said no. I asked where he camped, if it was in these woods somewhere, but he ignored the question. I suggested that he come by the house, for dinner and a shower and some new clothes, but he shook his head. I was getting nowhere.

And yet I felt that he was giving me all that he could find within himself to offer up. I had, he told me, come after him in a crowd with a pistol. We all had, the whole family. I had shot at him.

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Reluctantly, I nodded and held out a bag containing the uneaten half of his sandwich. He took it absently. I let out a few obvious phrases— O. Then he turned back down the hill, rounded a bend, and was gone. Did I know, back then, that we would lose? As the years passed, Tom grew more entrenched in his homelessness, bouncing in and out of institutions, only intermittently accepting treatment, unable to break his cycles of improvement and deterioration. But when it got very cold, and Dad went to see if he was O. He was absorbed in his fantasies and private missions, aware of the basest necessities and the most transcendent abstractions, and almost nothing in between.

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He shot me a glance, gauging my reaction. I am close to God. In February, , a shelter in Anchorage where Tom had been staying changed its policy, and Tom found himself stuck outside in the dead of winter. He overstayed his welcome somewhere and was arrested for trespassing. His physical condition had deteriorated, as well, and he had a rash caused by either scabies or bedbugs. In March, he was deemed not competent to stand trial and was transferred to the Alaska Psychiatric Institute. By the time Tom contacted our father, that May, he was taking several medications: risperidone, for psychosis; lorazepam, for anxiety; melatonin, for insomnia; and benztropine, to reduce agitation.

His condition had improved significantly. He also had a diagnosis: schizoaffective disorder. In June, Tom gave permission for my sisters and me to call him. It had been at least seven years since he and I had last talked on the phone, and two since we had stood face-to-face. It felt surreal to simply dial a number from my house and ask for him. Just as baffling, just as easy, was the way he said, in his gentle voice, that he loved me, he missed me, he was glad to talk to me.

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It was clear right away that he was far, far more coherent than when I had seen him last. But I could also feel the schizophrenia still in his speech, tightening and stilting his thoughts. He left long pauses after I spoke, as if he was struggling to process what I was saying. I called him four times in as many weeks. I asked what he liked about it. We were bolstered, briefly, when Tom was deemed competent to attend his hearing, and when, afterward, his release date was pushed back to late July, giving him more time to improve before having to take the next step.

His treatment team seemed to be doing their best for him, hustling to find him transitional housing, but, with a chronic shortage of funding and staff at A. To help prepare him, Dad brought him a new pair of boots. They talked about Tom visiting home again. Films I've seen. Movies, TV shows, from the land down under. Worth a watch. At the Movies: My Movie Odyssey. Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Cast overview: Gerard Odwyer Richard Megan Cooper Amanda Patrick Magee Damien Gary Baker Edit Storyline Too often those with a disability are marginalised in the community and face many barriers to having their wants, needs, opinions and desires communicated to and recognised by society at large.

Genres: Short. Country: Australia.

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Language: English. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia "Be My Brother" has been screened across the globe and has become a training resource for schools and community groups across Australia.