15 Reasons Not to Have Kids

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10 Reasons Why People Want Kids (and 10 Reasons They Don't)

Being raised by my mother who has manic depression was scary. You shouldn't be afraid of your parent. No one deserves to live like this if it can be prevented. I do not want to bring a child into the world knowing that there's a strong chance it will struggle like I have. I'm adopting if I ever decide I want kids. People don't understand how bad having a large population is. For some women, this can lead them to reconsider whether they even want a kid in the first place.

It's not a sad thing though. A lot of other women get upset when I tell them that, but I just say I really have no right to complain about one gift I didn't receive when I have been given so many to begin with. Even in the 21st century, childbirth is a strenuous not to mention potentially dangerous physical ordeal.

Plenty of women just aren't into the idea of using their uteruses as an "incubator," as one very honest respondent put it. Full-on body horror. Although people who don't want to have kids are often called "selfish," our survey showed they're anything but.

Parents, especially mothers, face bias in the workplace

If nothing else, our respondents were well aware that the responsibility to be a good parent means consistently putting the child first and making healthy choices for them, and they didn't feel they were up to that challenge. I have had multiple encounters with children throughout life and it is always an awkward and anxious experience for me. The only time I enjoy children is when they are quiet, humble, intelligent beings.

Reasons for and Against Having Kids

Obviously these conditions are unreasonable to expect of the tiny humans, so for me, the logical solution is to not have any of my own. I know what children are capable of and it scares me. I wouldn't want a child to have to live in a world where they'll either be bullied, or be the bully.

I don't think I could handle seeing my child cry from being made fun of, or being told my own child had made someone else cry for fun. See " eScript Details " below for more information. For a full-length version that includes material from both short plays, see 30 Reasons Not To Be in a Play. They are for reading on personal computers, tablet devices and eReaders i. These files may be printed. The number of prints that you are allowed will correspond with the number of eScript Printable Editions that you order.

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