The Boomers Guide to Recovering Your Lost Retirement: The Bill Fisher Story

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Senior Portfolio Manager Murray Brown examines these downsides and what investors need to consider. Financial jargon can alienate many people. Fisher Funds looks at some common phrases that have the potential to be misinterpreted or are counterintuitive. There are plenty of reasons that could turn out better than expected. Fisher Funds looks at the reasons to be optimistic. Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager, David McLeish, discusses what led to the introduction of negative mortgage rates in Denmark and what it is hoping they will achieve.

Trust, like respect, has to be earned.

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Fisher Funds discusses how their investment process encompasses this important assessment of company management. Inflation and deflation can both lead to the same outcome: people stop buying. Fisher Funds discusses how thinking about these concepts has evolved over time. Fisher Funds discusses the shift in focus from accumulating wealth for retirement to decumulation - how to manage your lifestyle and finances to meet your retirement needs. Analyst's forecasts for the US share market in vary significantly.

Fisher Funds shares some of these predictions for you to consider. All investments carry some risk.

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  5. Fisher Funds discusses how you can manage risk to ensure you achieve your financial objectives. Media is awash with market predictions at this time of year. Fisher Funds discusses the folly of these and what really matters when reviewing your finances. Risk and return, diversification and price compared to value are fundamental investing concepts.

    Fisher Funds argues every investor needs to understand these. Markets can be inefficient and investors can be irrational. Fisher Funds looks at implications for long-term investor returns.

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    Dividend stocks are attractive right now but investors should focus on the sustainability of that long-term income. Fisher Funds discusses what investors need to consider. Just because a company pays a high dividend doesn't make it a no brainer investment. Fisher Funds discusses what to watch when considering dividends. Fisher Funds discusses these challenges. What makes a great investment in the retail sector? Fisher Funds shares some of the key secrets to success. There is a saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Fortunately, there are plenty of time-tested lessons every investor can employ to avoid the mistakes of others.

    The thought of asking for advice leaves some of us cold, particularly when it's about our hard-earned money. Ideally, our perfect financial adviser might not provide advice at all but simply be someone to listen, sense-check our ideas or hold our hand in uncertain times. What investment myths we should be cautious about today? Frank Jasper talks to Larry Williams about the case for common sense.

    The dynamics of the industry are changing - is it a case of too much oil or not enough demand or both? Frank Jasper chats with Susan Wood about the drivers of market nervousness.

    Fisher Funds Director Frank Jasper talks with Larry Williams about the less talked about risks facing KiwiSaver investors and he also touches on some of the misconceptions around KiwiSaver. Hedge Funds were once flavour of the month but investor sentiment towards these types of investment strategies is waning. Fisher Funds Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse looks at whether this trend is gathering pace and what lessons investors can take from this. David discusses the drivers of the downgrade, whether they are short-term rather than permanent and what the prospects for growth recovering is.

    Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett looks at the factors keeping global share markets strong despite an inconsistent economic growth picture. Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Murray Brown talks with Larry Williams about the three key themes that emerged in New Zealand company reporting season: increasing dividends, more earnings upgrades than downgrades and a mixed bag of results from Australian operations.

    Frank shares some thoughts from JP Morgan about the increasing need to be more selective and active in managing your investments. Australian company reporting season has started positively. Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland summarises the backdrop to earnings season and also highlights a couple of results that have seen investors judgement be guided by ambiguity rather than investing fundamentals. Fisher Funds Managing Director Carmel Fisher shares some key learnings on investor behaviour and valuations from two recent thoughts pieces from the Australian Future Fund and Jason Trennert.

    Global share markets experienced their first real bout of volatility in a couple of years last week. Fisher funds Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse puts the week into perspective commenting on recent improving economic news and what investors may be nervous about. Following the recent acquisition of Wotif by Expedia, Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland discusses with Larry Williams what prompted the sale and purchase, as well as whether or not other Australian companies might fear the same fate.

    This has received media attention of late given the failure of the recent Hirepool IPO process and questions being raised about whether smaller investors are being fairly treated in IPOs. Fisher Funds Director Frank Jasper talks with Greg Boyd about the frothiness in the prices of all asset classes right now around the world and how this influencing investor behaviour. What does it say about the confidence in the market? Is there a chance investors can become complacent? What does the IPO pipeline look like ahead?

    Fisher Funds Fixed Income Manager Angela Quirk evaluates the forward path for both interest rates and the kiwi dollar over the next couple of years. What are the forces driving each variable and what are the implications for homeowners and exporters? Rising nationalism is evident the world over. What has been driving performance and what is the lesson all investors can take from this? Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager David McLeish compares the different responses of central banks and governments to the s Great Depression and the recent global financial crisis with Larry Williams.

    David explores the different outcomes that resulted and opines whether creating new money over the past few years helped the global economy from tipping into a depression or has it only succeeded in kicking the can down the road? This announcement has been met with disdain by businesses and voters. Fisher Funds Director, Frank Jasper, looks at what has driven the proposal and what the impact on the Australian economy is likely to be.

    Matt reflects on the impact for the RBNZ, mortgage holders and retirement. Fisher Funds Head of Institutional, Andrew Lance, takes a trip around the investment universe sharing our thoughts on the key markets and their current valuations. Angela also shares her thoughts on whether investors are getting a good deal and what they should look for when assessing whether to participate in these issues.

    Retirement planning assumptions are just that. Read Carmel Fisher's thoughts on the reality of entering retirement. Trading more like a technology company than an auto business, its market capitalisation is now well out of whack with other car makers and valuation fundamentals. He also shares his thoughts on the possible fallout from this occupation on the global economy.

    New Zealand share and bond markets can do no wrong. Retirement can bring mixed emotions for people as they are faced with a major change in their life. Is the share market crash of about to repeat itself? Is weather really a significant economic risk? Maybe it is more convenient for the blame for any economic woes in to be laid at the feet of the weather gods. Why do some companies New Zealand companies dual-list on the ASX and what are they hoping to achieve? Election year can be unsettling for everyone — businesses, politicians and individuals alike. What should we make of the current talk of overvalued markets?

    Should you buy a wonderful company at a fair price or a fair company at a wonderful price? What will be the best investment idea over the next ten years? Farmland, the Chinese consumer sector, real assets, water, or yourself? Carmel Fisher summarizes a recent piece from leading Wall St players. At this time of year many commentators offer up their predictions for investment markets for the year ahead. Rather than join the scores of hypothesisers, in this week's article Carmel Fisher looks to draw lessons from How can we help? Start typing and press Enter to search. Make an Enquiry Complaints.

    News Archive The mum and dad bank 13 October Suckers for electric cars 6 October An ever improving world 29 September When risk is worth it 22 September Carmel Fisher questions whether some risks are worth taking or not. Revisiting insurance 15 September Carmel Fisher revisits insurance — is it really worthwhile? Emotional value 8 September Have you ever wondered about the value of collectibles? Carmel Fisher discusses this Man versus machine 1 September My landlord, my hedge fund 25 August Calling all Martians 18 August Politics — should we care? Powering profits 4 August Moral core secret of success 28 July New way of looking at retirement 14 July Hotels hitting back at Airbnb 7 July Happy Birthday KiwiSaver 30 June KiwiSaver is ten years old this week — we think everyone should be celebrating!

    Work life balance 23 June Over the hedge 16 June Read our latest press release all about our Responsible Investing policy 9 June When a guru loses his mojo 2 June Snap, pop, crackle 19 May The best way to feel rich 5 May How to beat busy-ness 28 April Recommerce, the next Ecommerce 21 April Toys for grown ups 18 April Out of sight, out of mind 7 April In the eye of the beholder 31 March If I was a boy 24 March Insiders offside 17 March How old is old? For better or worse 3 March Appointment of new CEO 1 March Keep the change 24 February Who will buy?

    Look after the pennies 10 February Repotting — how to retire 3 February Good ideas are bad 27 January Quality sells itself 20 January Forever assets 13 January Trading tweets 16 December Technology to a point 9 December A sustainable advantage 2 December Cheaper not always better 25 November KiwiSaver relief for quake-affected members 23 November Act your age 18 November NZ Post mail service disruptions 18 November A collection of short runs 4 November The do nothing revolution 28 October Coal is King — for now Facts spoil a good story 14 October Retire in Legoland 7 October What a time to be alive 30 September KiwiSaver — Ignorance is no defence 23 September Personal finance is personal 16 September Uber aspirations 9 September Financial fraud — why they do it!

    Passive investing by proxy 26 August Immunising portfolios 19 August The scrambled start-up 12 August How politicians twist statistics 5 August Teaching our way to success 29 July Power returns to the people, and they like it 22 July Practice makes perfect 15 July Indolent investing 8 July Fisher Funds wins KiwiSaver award 28 June Powerful journaling 24 June Give a woman a chicken 17 June Personal Shoppers 10 June Are we ready for a universal income?

    Who'd be a saver? Manliness and misreporting 20 May Carmel Fisher explains how how testosterone influences financial decisions, read more How working can extend your life 13 May When doves and the tax man cry 6 May Celebrity stocks 29 April Clothes actually do make the man — and the woman 22 April Investor know thyself 15 April The new philanthropy 8 April The power of the amateur 24 March Happy Birthday to an unloved Bull 18 March How to avoid being conned 11 March In what do we trust 4 March Converting passions into work kills the passion 26 February Living long time 19 February First world problems, wealth and happiness 12 February The willpower to withstand 5 February Living on autopilot 29 January Economic pessimism misplaced 22 January The value of celebrity endorsements 15 January A New, New Year's resolution 8 January Utopia or robot car hell?

    Being grateful 24 December How important is a share price? Is criticism of Zuckerberg philanthropy justified? Show me the money 4 December The value of happiness 27 November How financially literate are you? Patient and private investing 20 November Travellers — the ultimate winner of changing accommodation industry dynamics 17 November Watch our investment roadshow highlights 16 November Oprah's Weight Watching 13 November Winners and losers from changing media consumption 10 November Is China's two child policy a boon for investors?

    Best mates make the best workers 30 October The rise and rise of peer-to-peer lending 27 October Beauty is a powerful force 23 October Infrastructure spending set to bolster global growth 20 October How the brain tricks us out of turbo-charged interest 16 October Global corporate tax avoidance crackdown on the way 13 October Profitability vs humanity 9 October Profitability versus humanity — the price of health 6 October Rebuilding trust huge task for Volkswagen 2 October Short-term pain in Aussie for long-term gain? Civilised politics and market confidence 25 September Australian housing market showing signs of cooling off.

    Are there lessons for NZ? Keeping your investment powder dry 18 September To hike or not to hike; that is the question 15 September Top service keeps retailers alive 11 September Is it time to take a bite of Apple? Retirement an encore, not an ending 4 September Low oil prices mean Keep On Truckin' 2 September Why family businesses don't survive 28 August Is recent market volatility cause for concern or not? The smartest guy in the room — understanding investment jargon 21 August Is Google now an alpha bet?

    Experts are not always expert — investors beware 14 August Growing wealth by growing up 7 August Are recent interest rate cuts actually a silver lining? The fading appeal of gold 31 July Credit growth a positive for Aussie economy 28 July Playing the currency game 24 July The second coming of the dot com bubble? Taking a stand against financial abuse 17 July Power struggles in the workplace 10 July Disruptive technologies not always the end of an industry?

    Ready Aim Flop 3 July Ordinary beats extraordinary 26 June Can short term hiccups present long term investment opportunity? Money and Marriage 19 June Bursons acquisition of Metcash good for investors 16 June The key to fashion retailing success 12 June The successes and failures of fashion retailers 9 June Investment success - skill vs luck 5 June Does market manipulation come with the territory? Sell in May and go away? Is bottled water the ultimate marketing scam? The GDP conspiracy 19 May Money talk healthy for kids 15 May Aussie banking sector not immune from the mood of the market 12 May Taking a leap of faith for Xero profit 8 May The media obsession with property 5 May Is it time to re-think your relationship with cash?

    The true cost of low interest rates 28 April Millenials investment attitudes at odds with baby boomers 24 April Sweet success offers business lessons for all 17 April Bad news is good news for China's share market 14 April Australia looks again at discontinuing imputation credits 7 April The pension vs property debate 7 April Are company directors overpaid? Bank levies - coming to a location near you soon! Ever fallen in love with an investment?

    Company share buybacks gaining momentum 24 March Lessons we can learn from Aussie Super's mistakes 17 March Investing: art or science? Australian reporting season - the devil is in the detail 10 March Are investment fees ever worth it? The active versus passive investing debate 4 March Your emotional portfolio - the best guide to retirement 27 February Borrowing to invest is twice as risky 25 February How to read economic forecasts correctly 20 February A new Greek euro-crisis The devil is in the detail.

    More to economic data releases than the headline Kicking the tyres - first hand investment research 13 February Crowdfunding evolving fast, but it's not for everyone 11 February Crowdfunding giving young companies a leg up 10 February Money talk - making sense of financial jargon 6 February Reasons to be optimistic about markets in 4 February The wondrous world of a mortgage where the bank pays you 3 February Trust - a rare commodity 30 January When falling prices are bad How to face an uncertain retirement 23 January What does hold for the US share market?

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    Take your pick 21 January Risk: the ugly twin sister of reward 16 January Ignore market predictions 14 January Investor education: where universities get it wrong 9 January How to win the unwinnable 7 January Do's and Don'ts of dividend investing 2 January Don't fall into the dividend trap 31 December Socially responsible investing: doing well by doing good 26 December Like the store?

    Buy the stock 24 December Investment truths: Don't follow the crowd and don't panic 19 December Advice on choosing financial advisers 17 December Divergence the name of the game 16 December Divergence the name of the game. Dream run over for Aussie banks? Is the Dream run over for Aussie banks?

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