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This model returned to the 30s model but incorporated the latest innovations from the 60s. During this decade, and particularly in , the Beetle surpassed the rate of production of the Ford T, its greatest competitor.

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A true milestone for the German giant. Volkswagen celebrates surpassing the production of the Ford T, vehicle 15,, The and all its variations were manufactured for 3 more decades, until the last model of the Beetle was manufactured in the facility at Puebla, Mexico. The Puebla facility bids farewell to the last Beetle. Last production of the first-generation Beetle.


This new version boasted a complete restyling that mechanically held no relation with the original generation. Which of its features were worth highlighting? Without a doubt, its significant safety. From the get-go, it took a leading position in regards to safety in its segment due to its excellent impact absorption.

Volkswagen Beetle History

In a new variant arrived: the New Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet. The model commemorated the Type 1, the first convertible Beetle. In fact, it shared a fair amount of its mechanical characteristics. In a new redesign of the New Beetle would arrive.

A history of Herbie: the VW Beetle over the years – in pictures

It would now return with more angled shapes, with a myriad of limited editions. We arrive at present times.

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This last version combines the essence of the Beetle with clear nods to the Golf. The reason? To keep the essence with a clear nod to sportiness.

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Specifically, CLR has designed the Powerfold mirror-folding solution ; an actuator that enables the two wing mirror positions in the Beetle: parking and driving. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, the curvy car was affordable, practical and reliable. Three decades later, the "Bug" as it was affectionately known became a symbol of the s and the "small is beautiful" ethos.

Germany stopped producing Beetles in the late s, but in Volkswagen rolled out the New Beetle, which was meant to be a visual flashback to the original Type 1 design but was essentially a VW Golf. Another variation was introduced in , but sales have been steadily declining—down to around 15, last year from some 43, in —so now the Bug will be squashed.

Until then, here's a look back at Beetle-mania A Volkswagen Type 1 convertible, with Ferdinand Porsche in the back seat. In an effort to produce an affordable car for German workers, Adolf Hitler had commissioned engineer Ferdinand Porsche to design a simple, economical vehicle for the people.

  • History of the Volkswagen Beetle – The People’s Car?
  • 1938: inauguration of the factory in Wolfsburg.

Civilian production was almost immediately stopped because of World War II, but some cars were built for military officers. Hitler was given the first convertible. The current generation originally entered production in It hasn't been the most-loved VW model and it's not the most exciting either, but if VW was to completely shut down Beetle production without hopes of return, the automotive world would surely collectively shed a tear.

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