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Actor The Stunt Man. Noted for his dangerous, chameleon-like portrayals while possessing the scariest-looking pair of eyes in the business, leathery-looking Steve Railsback has mesmerized us over the years with a number of weird, often warped roles both on film and television. So does Nazism. So they assassinated her knowing as royals they are both legally and literally able to live completely above the law.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were the last known witnesses to see ten Native American children alive who disappeared while attending their Catholic school picnic outing with the royal couple back in British Columbia. This all sounds unbelievable until you look at the astounding numbers of children gone missing worldwide each year — 8 million and growing by the year. A reported , missing children from Ireland, Spain and Canada alone have been discovered at countless Catholic mass grave sites.

By maintaining top to bottom control of every agency designed to protect children by planting pedophiles at the top levels of the child welfare system, the courts, law enforcement, the media, education and the government, an insulated system of predatory foxes all guarding the young blood henhouse has been allowed to both flourish and increase its number of victims each year.

For a very long time these Satanists and their private coven, epitomized by all their overlapping multi-memberships in so many secret Satan worshipping societies — the Illuminati, Knights Templar-turned-Freemasonry, Malta Knights, Skull and Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers to Bohemian Grove have all been hidden in plain sight. But now their global conspiracy of human genocide against us and our children is being exposed at a never before seen, unprecedented rate.

By unveiling the truth, we can wrest power and control away from these murderous vampires. Otherwise the two year campaign turned out to be a complete disaster. As a murdering ruthless mob, the Christians fared better without them in the First Crusade. It seemed they were far more skilled at increasing their land holdings mostly in Europe than protecting Crusaders or Christian Holy Land. The Order consisted of nobleman knights, non-noble sergeants that did the grunt work and chaplains.

Every knight that joined the Order relinquished all his worldly possessions, quickly becoming an ongoing source of revenue. Yet despite the utter failure of the Second Crusade fiasco and the Malta and Templar Knights inability to change the dismal outcome for the Christians, whenever Templar Knights did finally get around to waging combat, so much has been written about their heroic, larger-than-life exploits.

Numerous accounts describe their work ethic on the battlefield of fierce fighting to the death most often resulting in victorious conquests that overnight caused their knightly reputation to soar to legendary cult-like status. Okay, technically one other Crusade avoided outright military rout only because no actual fighting took place. On one occasion the Assassins paid tribute or perhaps a peace offering of 3, pieces of gold to the Templars. With some of the Templars born and raised in the Middle East and fluent in Arabic, both these militias had reputations for working hard and playing harder as party animals.

Before long, success had gone to their heads, hearts and apparently their loins. Scholars contend that a minority of knights openly engaged in homosexual relations. So are the modern Illuminati black arts occult and satanic practices. It seems throughout history virtually every secret society invariably succumbs under this same intoxicatingly degenerate spell, lusting insatiably for power, pleasure and riches in exchange for worshipping Satan.

The more times change, the more things stay the same. Of course their usury scam making profit out of paper thin air was seized upon a couple centuries later by the likes of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who refined the art of swindling to new unprecedented heights,[99] establishing the modern central banking monstrosity still operating today as the bankrupt, debt-based slavery control system teetering on the brink of self-implosion. Upon hearing the shocking news of another failed Crusade that lost the crown jewel Jerusalem, the pope allegedly keeled over and died on the spot, but apparently not before declaring the Third Crusade to avenge the loss of the Holy Land.

Meanwhile, through his battlefield glory Salah Ed-Din had ascended to become the master of Syria, Palestine and Egypt ruling over a united team of Islam that the Christians were literally just dying to beat. On another not so insignificant note, to further contrast the difference between how Muslims and Christians generally treat captured enemies and their leaders he had just conquered, Salah Ed-Din kept his enemies alive, treating them humanely. Do you see a pattern here? Time and time again the historical facts point to leaders of the Christian Western civilization that have been the violent bloodthirsty villains throughout modern history.

And this sobering reality has been a constant right up to this day. The running theme of this entire chapter and book is how Illuminati Satanists have for centuries been hidden in plain sight in the ruling elite bloodlines,[] and through malevolent secret societies have infiltrated and taken control over the Catholic Church, international banking, corporate institutions and the globalized Anglo-American-Zionist crime cabal government. But more on the Catholic takeover later. Eventually they were forced to retreat to their final port city Acre, where after coming under siege and attack in August by overwhelming Muslim forces,[] and with Europe tired of losing, the Crusades were finally brought to a shameful close.

Already considered has-beens, support for the Templars was fast drying up. Forced to retreat to the island of Cyprus, weak and vulnerable,[] the majority of Templar Knights returned home to Europe with Paris their final headquarters just as the French crown moved in for the kill. Other remaining Templar survivors and their alleged missing assets apparently found safe refuge in Scotland and in short-time began resurfacing as burgeoning Masonic lodges.

Many writers, both Catholics and Masons, have always insisted that the first confession of debauchery and demonic worship attained through torture was therefore false. Vatican archives confirm the church had been covering up priestly child rapists since the early days of the Middle Ages. Christianity in a Holy War? The birth of the Order of St. John was in John in Jerusalem in to care for the sick among the Christians visiting and living in the Holy Land. John of Jerusalem or the Order of Hospitallers was formalized, officially recognized by the pope in and by the Knights of St.

John expanded their services as the second secret military Christian order designated to defend devotees traveling from Europe during the Crusades. The Jesuit Order founded in the 16th century covered next is also a Vatican militia that is even more secretly guarded and dangerous. John J.

But instability on Cyprus led to shifting their center in to another Greek island Rhodes also located in the Mediterranean Sea. For the next years the Order maintained its Malta headquarters and sovereignty over both the islands of Malta and Gozo. The Order lost its islands yet again when in French Emperor Napoleon invaded and left the military order without a home territory. For such an allegedly fierce fighting force that subversively gained increasing political strength over the span of centuries, the Malta Knights lost considerable ground militarily over the millennium, ultimately in finally relocating to its permanent sovereign home within the city limits of Rome where it remains today.

Angelo under permanent extraterritorial sovereignty, a year lease was signed in Thus on paper only the Order of Malta remains a sovereign nation, still in search of a territory. The native populations in Rhodes and Malta where the knights occupied and ruled for centuries had absolutely no say in how their own island states were governed.

But then after living under monarchial feudalism for centuries, they probably rarely even noticed… not unlike citizens of the world today also having grown complacently accustomed to living under plutocratic crime cabal enslavement. And the sad irony is that life for Christians in Jerusalem was far better living under their so called enemy than it ever was under Christian control. Jews and Christians alike in the Middle East were treated far more humanely and tolerantly by Muslim Arabs,[13] minus the hatred, bigotry, bloodshed and lies that instigated and fueled the holy wars.

Considered armed and dangerous to their very core existence, the globalists both hate and fear us, knowing we are now finally onto them in the name of truth and God, fighting to slay the demonic dragon in our midst. That presumption is yet another lie. It is only because we allow perpetual war, conditioned to impotently and passively believe we have no say or control, that it continues unabated.

Renowned journalist Seymour Hersh has asserted that SMOM draws its members from the highest levels of US deep state including the Pentagon, secret services, and counterparts in friendly allied nations. They see themselves as the protectors of the Christians. And this is their function. To be a knight one must be Catholic, have served in the military service, and the higher ranks are most definitely upper crusty, requiring proof of aristocratic family coat of arms handed down from father to son unbroken for at least years.

The military order was also granted sovereign nation status with its own Constitution despite no territorial claim beyond its Rome headquarters. The Order benefits from permanent observer status at the UN, maintains diplomatic relations with countries[32] and its members enjoy diplomatic immunity,[33] thus possessing a license of impunity to live above the law. With the recent forced resignation of a former DNC chair and the DNC today facing more criminal subterfuge charges,[41] bent on pursuing by any means available a similar mission to overthrow yet another US president.

Again, only the names, faces and dates change while history stays the same. Edgar Hoover was also a Knight of Malta. And who would believe that the benevolent Holy Pope made them do it? Over many decades they have nefariously colluded and confabulated with the pope and such Malta Order European royalty luminaries as Queen Elizabeth, Dutch Queen Beatrix and their hubby princes to fast forward their collective New World Order vision.

Hell, dictatorship and New World Order fit together like a hand in glove. US presidents, Knights of Malta, mind control and pedo sex rings go together. King Carlos[] is the patriarch descendant heading the Templars of Aragon claiming direct lineage to the Merovingian Illuminati bloodline. But just to throw us off their wicked bread crumb trail, again no doubt for purposes of positive publicity, the motley Malta crew every now and then throws in a few figures considered to be good guys and international figures, like the anti-apartheid heroes Nelson Mandela,[] and Desmond Tutu.

Now to understand what all of the above planetary controllers are doing on behalf of who owns them, and what their obligations are, they must all undergo blood sworn oaths of strictest allegiance to the pope to complete their initiation ceremony. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisonous cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard, or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agents of the Pope or superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Father of the Society of Jesus.

In confirmation of which I hereby dedicate my life, soul, and all corporal powers, and with the dagger which I now receive I will subscribe my name written in my blood in testimony thereof; and should I prove false or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the militia of the Pope cut off my hands and feet and my throat from ear to ear, my belly opened and Sulphur burned therein with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth and my soul shall be tortured by demons in eternal hell forever.

And the fact that royalty, presidents and the most powerful shadow government figures in the world for many decades have been taking this blood sworn oath to be faithful only to the pope, and no one or nothing else, what does that say about their intentions towards the rest of us on this planet? In their eyes those of us not amongst the Catholic faithful are deemed heretics who need to be exterminated sooner than later. The part where the oath demands relentless war waged against Freemasons as their eternal enemy is total bullshit. Near half of the powerful Malta Order members just cited are also 33 degree Masons.

John, the Protestant arm of the Knights of Malta,[] her husband Prince Philip is a 33rd degree Mason who wants to be reincarnated as a killer virus that will reduce the world population. A longtime goal of the Freemasons has been to infiltrate and take over the Vatican, ultimately destroying both the Catholic Church and Christianity.

At one point in Cardinal Rampolla, a closet mason, came very close to being selected pope. Be it in Europe, Turkey, the Middle East war zones, or for that matter anywhere on earth, this is the global trade that Belgian entrepreneur, banker and former Illuminati associate Ronald Bernard spoke of earlier this year. Once Bernard was exposed to the satanic blood sacrifice of children, the aphrodisiac of unlimited power, wealth and sex with beautiful women no longer held the same compelling allure.

Ronald Bernard died under mysterious circumstances while out hiking on a recent August afternoon in Florida. Yet another ultra-right wing, notorious secret Catholic society of ill repute is Opus Dei, a hardcore anti-Communist, Islamophobic organization that includes both Catholic clergy as well as Catholic laypersons.

With its mission to fervently support strong arm tyrants, which the last three popes — John Paul, Ratzinger and Francis are all guilty of, endorsing the Opus Dei movement automatically includes endorsing its overactive role in the massive Catholic pedophile cover-up. Again, this is their tried and true method of how Satan worshipping child raping war criminals never have to answer for their horrendous assaults against humanity. Their penchant for illegal war making around the globe provides unlimited access to drug-weapons-organ-child trafficking as their most diabolic and evil line of work and play.

An ultra-conservative religious group financed by cult leader Sun Myung Moon in addition to funding AmeriCares is the Council for National Policy CNP , boasting powerful religious and political members. The Process originated in London and over the years has been branded a notorious reputation akin to the Manson family. The Catholic priest was found with his throat slashed from ear to ear after he had been investigating child sex rings in the Catholic Church. For knowing too much, the DC Madame was very likely murdered in to ensure a tight lid be kept on her little black book that would incriminate scores of high level sexual predators in Washington scandals stay buried.

Bush White House sleepovers. Colonel Michael Aquino. Lobbyist Jack Abramoff supplied thousands of tax paid dollars so that congressional perverts like DeLay and Hastert could make several trips to the Marianas to seal the deal and keep the lid on the scandal and abuse prolonging it right into the Bush administration. The Council for National Policy has demonstrated a consistent policy of obstructing evidence and covering up international child sex trafficking and high profile pedophilia crimes. Facing pedophile charges back in Germany in , the occultist Christian minister managed to successfully escape his homeland troubles in January with assistance from the Vatican-Nazi ratline to start life anew in the remote central Chilean wilderness at the foothills of the Andes miles south of the capital Santiago.

While men and women were kept apart in a forced labor camp and prohibited from engaging in sex, cult leader Schaefer was free to rape and sodomize children at will. His Colonia Dignidad had absolutely nothing to do with either dignity or religious principles. Colonia Dignidad was a bizarre violent cult run by a pedophile Nazi Satanist with covert connections to an already existing Nazi ratline network running from the Vatican to South America Paperclip vestige extending through Operation Condor to very high places in governments in the Americas.

CIA director George H. Bush was given foreknowledge of the hit and deferring to the CIA-Malta-Condor agenda to promote fascism, Bush was complicit in letting the murder take place on US soil. Buckley[] lied when he wrote: U. Thus that little trifling incident on Massachusetts Avenue was quickly forgotten so that Malta men — the Buckley boys, Kissinger, Bush, Walters and Pinochet — could all continue their next clandestine scheme as if the DC assassination had never even happened. Some have suggested Townley to be a mere wannabe CIA secret agent man. Townley was a frequent Colonia camp visitor and prime Schafer collaborator establishing interrogation and torture protocol, complete with soundproof underground torture chambers.

Evidence exists of children from Germany being trafficked in to Chile to maintain the Colonia population since no sex other than pedophilia was allowed on the compound. Also local native Chilean children from the adjacent area attending the Colonia school apparently were also abducted and abused. The Colonia Dignidad community was residence to some resident captives at one point.

February 12222

Also similar to other Mossad-CIA blackmail operations in America and Caribbean, wheeler dealer Schaefer enticed numerous powerful businessmen, politicians, police chiefs, and German Embassy diplomats to parties where illicit sex and child abuse were photographed and filmed that Schaefer kept in secret files. Pinochet had over other concentration camps and torture centers as well. The US government has a long history through the CIA and military special operations of committing atrocities on every continent.

Extrajudicial assassination by US killer drones of civilians both American and foreign are also perpetrated regularly under the public radar. Secret societies and shadow governments operate with near total impunity as they always have. In absentia in with Schaefer still at large, he was tried, convicted and sentenced to 20 years in a Chilean prison.

GRANNY Hindi - Granny Ka Book Secret - Hitesh KS

The sacked chancellor appealed to the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin who advised Francis to intervene, especially after Festing told the Vatican and pope that the chancellor matter was an internal affair to be handled by his own sovereign Order, in so many words, to back off. Pope Francis promptly reinstated the chancellor and ousted the Festing instead, only the fourth time in a near millennium a Grand Master for life has been terminated and the first since In April the Malta Order council selected the same Italian for a second time as lieutenant to the Grand Master to assume temporary one-year command over the internally disordered Order prior to choosing the next Grand Master.

Evans and Company, p. KG, , p. Edgar Hoover with Pedophilia? Bush a Homosexual? Prescott S. Bush, Jr. ABC … — Daily Kos. These two groups of villainous control freaks — the most powerful Jews and Jesuits — are both running this world as one and the same entity.


Under their unifying umbrella Satanism, Satanists deceptively wear various brand name labels, very few being out-of-closet Satanists. But bottom line, as the planetary controllers, ultimately they all do the bidding of their demonic god Lucifer. The Jesuit general as the black pope and his Jesuit Order work together with the current now Jesuit white pope, the Vatican, ancient Illuminati family bloodlines,[12] and all the above listed secret elitist societies that include as their puppets the CIA, global intelligence community and virtually every government and military on earth.

For centuries this handful of Satanists have been enslaving humanity in perpetual war, racial, religious and class divide, economic hardship and depravation in order to maintain its status quo power and control through mass deception and divide and conquer manipulation.

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Ignatius grew up during the bloody Inquisition when up to 68 million victims lost their lives in the name of God, and even more were tortured and imprisoned. But how sincere would be their devotion and commitment to a religion whose violent adherents were busily killing off fellow Jews? Not very. Over the millennium numerous popes, kings and queens in Europe have been and still are crypto Jews. Up to a million Muslim Moors Moriscos and , Jews Marranos in Spain converted to Catholicism under centuries of blood purity laws and mob violence barbarity.

Spain hurt itself inducing a brain drain of , Jews who fled the anti-Semitic nation during the Inquisition. In , the Madrid government attempted to make amends by offering Spanish citizenship to those whose Jewish Sephardic ancestors had left. A sizeable percentage of crypto-Jewry in Europe must have developed an intense, seething hatred towards their Christian executioners issuing wave after wave of purging pogroms, murdering and imprisoning millions of Jews, Muslims and Protestants, eventually banning all non-Christians.

Thus through tactics of deception, infiltration and unrelenting subversion, Jesuits were trained to gain the upper hand that eventually would lead to victory and opportunity for revenge and retribution against all enemies, be they Christian oppressors or loathsome Protestant or Muslim infidels. In this way, despite setbacks, the Jesuits persevered, gradually infiltrating and overtaking the Catholic Church.

In order to avoid risk of prejudice, Jewish Jesuit founders Ignatius and Francis Borgia took a hardline stance against fellow Jews using an attack dog approach. To save themselves, their M. Surviving the Inquisition spawned the no-brainer rationale of sacrificing a few of your own to save your own skin. Loyalty and expedience demanded a capacity to cunningly, fluidly change colors, living by the credo that ends always justify the means.

Some scholars contend that the Society of Jesus evolved directly from the defunct Templar Order recall that they too were founded by cabbalistic crypto-Jews. After being disbanded by the pope two centuries earlier, a number of Templar Knights in Spain were absorbed into two Spanish military orders, that of Calatrava and the still active Order of Montesa,[26] eventually emerging in as the Jesuit Order co-founded by St.

But if there appear any likelihood of reconciliation, then as soon as possible let us endeavor to be the mediators, lest others prevent us. Finally, Let all with such artfulness gain the ascendant over princes, noblemen, and the magistrates of every place, that they may be ready at our beck, even to sacrifice their nearest relations and most intimate friends, when we say it is for our interest and advantage. Education [i. And within a century after the pope endorsed the Jesuit Order, by over Jesuit institutions of higher learning were already established.

Over the centuries the Jesuit Modus Operandi has been infiltration and control of worldly affairs through spying, blackmail, assassination, and covert military black ops and intelligence operations. Jesuits would manipulate their followers into having their sins absolved by banishing all Protestants as heretics. Their skillfully aggressive tactics toward a pliable population quickly paid off. By there were 22, Jesuits.

The subversive Order was never a welcomed presence in the United States either. Other than Britain, over the centuries virtually every European country banished the malevolent Jesuits one time or another. From to a count of 83 nations, city-states and cities expelled the Jesuits. But a mere year later his last words on his deathbed were: Alas, I knew they [i.

After being [formally] abolished by [Pope] Clement XIV in , the Jesuits used the Illuminati and other organizations to carry out their operations. Thus, the front organizations would be blamed for the trouble caused by the Jesuits. Shunned virtually everywhere, the Jesuits were forced to secretly align with Freemasons in Prussia and Britain. Meanwhile, joining a growing consensus, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte recognized the Jesuits for what they were: The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery.

Power in its most despotic exercise. Absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms: and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses. Reacting to the news, in former President John Adams wrote his friend Thomas Jefferson stating: Their restoration is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, perfidy, despotism, death.

I do not like the appearance of the Jesuits. The ideological affinity for Gnosticism and the occult that the Jesuits[46] hold in common with the Templars originated in their own traceable roots linked to the enduring Templar influence. So the revengeful motive to subordinate the Maltese was inherently built in. Then later in when another round of suppression issued by Pope Clement XIV was enforced in most of Europe dissolving the Jesuit Order, revenge toward Clement came in the form of the poison cup.

Similar authors to follow

During the American Civil War the pro-Jesuit pope in power — Pope Pius IX — along with Rothschild bankers strongly supported the South in its secession fight against the North, writing a letter to Jefferson Davis designed to incite rebellion amongst Catholic northerners to join the Confederate cause against Lincoln in another holy war.

In its effort to break apart the American Republic, the Vatican had propagated lies that President Lincoln was born a Catholic, had been baptized by a priest, and become a demonized heretic and apostate that by canon law should be killed. And because murder endorsed by the pope who literally called himself infallible was not considered a sinful crime at all, the Vatican clearly intended to inspire a fanatical Catholic assassin to kill for God, not unlike the Crusades. In fact, Jesuit assassins had plotted an ambush of Lincoln in Baltimore, but privy to the plot, the president foiled their plan traveling hours ahead of his original schedule.

A conspiracy of slander to frame and destroy Chiniquy was promoted by an unscrupulous Jesuit priest but Lincoln, with the help of a last minute witness, was able to successfully expose the nefarious plot. It turned out that every arrested assassination conspirator was Catholic. He was then retried for engaging in rebellion but the case was mysteriously dropped.

In all up to seven presidents have likely been murdered by Jesuit-Illuminati henchmen. Prior to his murder, JFK spoke of the monolithic shadow government commonly referred to today as deep state. Knowing their history, President Kennedy was likely talking foremost about the Jesuits as well as the Malta Order, the Masons, the CIA and the bloodline bankers when he stated: For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion — on subversion instead of elections — on intimidation instead of free choice — on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.

Evidence indicates that the Jesuits sank the Titanic to eliminate formidable competition openly opposing their agenda of a Federal Reserve System and their preplanned world war. The Federal Reserve Act of moved forward unencumbered by opposition while the bulk of Congress had already left for the Christmas break and the Jesuit elite enslaved America.

According to plan, less than a year later World War I was triggered. This wholesale slaughter of human beings using cloak and dagger subversion has been repeatedly perpetrated on the world stage as both Jesuit oath honored tradition and historical fact diabolically right up to this present day. I was invited to attend a secret black mass by high-ranking Jesuits [including Superior General Pedro Arrupe] in a monastery in the northern part of Spain. When I knelt to kiss the ring of a high official, I saw a symbol on that ring that made my blood run cold.

It was a Masonic symbol [the compass and the square]! A thing I hated and I had been told to fight against it. As of last October for the first time in history the black pope and white pope are both Jesuits, also for the first time are both from South America. This is also seen in the way priests worship in the Mass, actually worshipping the dead. Also, signs of Satanism are seen in many outward symbols, customs and vestments displayed by the Church.

Case in point, Donald McGuire who when parents reported to another well-known priest in San Francisco that McGuire had abused their year old son, the Chicago Jesuit authorities sent the pedophile through a brief psychiatric hospitalization program before sending him back to prey on other children for the next nine years. Eventually McGuire was convicted in federal court of sexually assaulting two boys and is now serving a year prison sentence.

From the outset, Ignatius of Loyola emphasized indoctrinated education and propaganda as a key strategy to expanding growth and spreading power internationally. The proof of his successful strategy is embodied in the 28 American Jesuit colleges and universities that have become a primary drafting pool for high powered government posts and offices. So within that historical context, no real surprise here. Though in American history only two Catholics served as either president or vice president — Malta member JFK[88] and child fondling dirty old Maltese man Joe Biden,[89] in contrast, just in the last decade alone, the US Supreme Court has undergone a monumental radical shift from a virtual all Protestant court near the turn of this century[90] to now a Catholic majority with an Opus Dei implant sitting atop as Chief Justice John Roberts along with Opus Clarence Thomas with another third now Jewish.

Stalked at every turn by the sinister Raven Men, the friends must take their first steps towards the Citadel of The Last, and the divine evil that dwells within. Yet their cause is not without cost and their journey that will leave a trail of conspiracy and mayhem. From the ashes of shattered lives will rise those who will help and hinder, as the mystery of Sumerland threatens to throw all creation into chaos. George, Celus, and even Freeman must choose their battles with care, for today's casualty may be tomorrow's enemy.

Emily Eldritch has known for all of her thirty-nine years that she is not who she is meant to be. Now, in an anonymous hotel in Mid-Town Manhattan, she faces the truth of her ruined life; a husband who does not love her, a child she believes she is not fit to care for, and a grief that has never been faced. And yet, in her final hours, something calls to her, reliving the events that have so reduced her… and offering her an impossible alternative. Skip to content. Purchase now. One destiny. A nation on fire.