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The electronic bass drum is now emulating a double bass drum in 16th notes. Listen to the lyrics again and catch the inside joke. Purple Rain is a shower of semen which fluoresces purple under black light. Songfacts This anonymous assessment is on par with what I am suggesting. While Prince is Masturbating his guitar, moans and squeals can be heard from this action— displaying the orgasmic sounds of a human but denoted by his guitar Tricey Diva3 Holmes states: In , there was a minute live Prince video that MTV showed pretty much every hour on the hour.

It was a medley of "Baby I'm A Star" and "I Would Die 4 U" that ended with a very long, never-boring guitar solo, at the end of which Prince's guitar literally ejaculated. The neck shot white foam all over the crowd, and the crowd roared. Men and women, straight and gay, atheist and devout, parents and children—they left that show with Prince's guitar jizz all over their faces, clothes and hair, and they loved it. Holmes Computer Blue Wendy? Yes Lisa Is the water warm enough? Yes Lisa Where is my love life? Where can it be?

There must be something wrong with the machinery Where is my love life? Tell me, tell me Where has it gone? Somebody please, please tell me what the hell is wrong Until I find the righteous one Computer blue Until I find the righteous one Computer blue Oh Yeah yeah. To begin, the keyboards and guitar are playing a somewhat Middle- Eastern sounding riff of a minor 2 nd followed by a Perfect 4th.

The original video, taken from the movie Purple Rain depicts more of a sadomasochistic theme at play. Prince, is gyrating his hips in a stiff fashion and the synth brass line that has a slow attack, is echoing the movement of his hips. Conversely, this lewd scene from Purple Rain also serves for a different possible scenario.

What I am now proclaiming is that Prince is reconciling with his faith in God by acting as a priest— the members of his band are acting as the holy congregation—and the lyrics and music are the Gospel. Warner Bros. Discussion The six Prince compositions presented, lead listeners into a world where the titillating backdrop of instrumental arrangements also parallels and at times, eclipses the sexually suggestive lyrics.

Prince has successfully taken his audience to all destinations erotic while whetting their appetites for the next course. Thus, original hierarchies become the underprivileged and the underprivileged become the privileged. In this manner, the lyrics, which can be viewed as having a dominant role as the primary source of titillation, can now be viewed as submissive or at least equal to the musical arrangement. Make no mistake, what has transpired from these early years of musical genius is no easy feat by any artist.

By this I mean that Prince has managed to stretch and push the limits of sexuality within the six proposed themes, while also arousing his public into consensual submission. More importantly, and not as obvious to many, the sexual nature of anthropomorphism within his musical arrangements became the fuel that enabled his lyrics and onstage antics to reverberate an auditory representation of sexual onomatopoeia. Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller.

De Martelly, Elizabeth. Accessed January 5.

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Dekock, Jan. Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia. Translated by Robert Hurley. New York, NY u. Depeche Mode. Music for the Masses. Audio CD. Of Grammatology. Translated by Andrew W.

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Fortieth Anniversary ed. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ Pr. Feinstein, Stephen. Incredible African-American Jazz Musicians. Friedman, Andrew. Los Angeles: Feminist Health Press. Gore, Tipper. Nashville: Abingdon Pr. Guillemette, Lucie. Rock Around The Clock. Holland, Nancy J. Holmes, David. I am holding a baby alligator in my arms. I stroke it and cuddle it, then it slips from my grasp and I lose it. Later I find it again in a cave and it has grown into an adult with eight sections to its body.

Sometime after this dream, she left her husband and entered into a rewarding relationship with another man with whom she could share her life and her interests. Creatures of the Deep: the Crocodile, Whale, Dolphin, Octopus Watching a crocodile devour an animal or a human being is a horrifying experience and crocodiles in dreams, speaking to us from the oldest level of the limbic brain, can arouse primordial fear in the same way as a dinosaur would. Yet the dream above shows the crocodile or alligator in a different light.

I remember reading about a group of people living on the banks of a river in the Sudan. Apparently the crocodiles in this region are not aggressive towards humans nor are humans afraid of them. Children climb on their backs, swim with them and are totally at ease with them. The Whale People all over the world have been appalled by the spectacle of the whale-hunt and have made strenuous efforts to outlaw it. It seems so barbaric, so predatory and so wrong that man should kill this wonderful mammal. Equally, evidence is coming to light that naval exercises in the deep ocean have disturbed and disoriented whales, driving them inshore to die stranded on beaches.

The New Zealand Aboriginal film Whale Rider illustrates both the loss of the shamanic connection with whales and its recovery through the extraordinary courage of a young girl. This film draws attention to the recent phenomenon of people wanting to swim with whales and dolphins, as if trying to recover the feeling of that ancient relationship with these creatures of the deep and, at the same time, recovering the lost connection to their instincts.

People return exhilarated as well as deeply moved by these encounters. Sometimes, their lives change out of all recognition as a result of them, particularly the lives of children. These types of encounters have been filmed many times and it is an incredibly beautiful sight to see someone swimming with dolphins or with a whale and her calf, gracefully keeping in tune with their movements and seeming able to communicate with them and draw an empathic response.

In a story appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle that described the rescue of a female humpback whale that had become entangled in a spider web of hundreds of pounds of crab traps and yards of ropes. These had all become wrapped around her body and her tail, with a line tugging at her mouth. A fisherman saw her struggling and radioed an environmental group for help.

They decided that they could only release her by trying to untangle the web of ropes in which she was enmeshed. For hours, at great risk to themselves, they worked with curved knives to free her. When she was eventually freed, the divers said that at first she swam in joyous circles. Then she swam up to each and every one of them and gently nudged him.

He said he will never be the same after that experience. Others said it was the most moving and beautiful experience of their lives. What a contrast this story offers to the totally unnecessary killing of the whales by the Japanese and other whaling fleets. Years ago I had a dream that I was on a liner with many other passengers.

Some see phallic symbol in Prince performance |

I was looking out to sea while the others were on the other side of the ship. Suddenly, an enormous whale rose out of the water and headed straight for the ship. It was so huge that I thought it would capsize it, but as the whale approached it became clear that it simply wished to communicate with us. I saluted it and thanked it for showing itself. I took the dream as a message to humanity, traveling in the ship of consciousness, unaware of the great sea of the soul and its messenger, the whale. This dream was so inspiring that she began writing a novel. In , an incident was reported suggesting that dolphins have an empathic instinct similar to humans that could we directed to protecting other species.

A group of dolphins began to circle closely some life guards who were swimming off the coast of New Zealand, calling to more dolphins for help and tightening the circle in such a way that no-one could break out of it, banging their tails on the water and making a tremendous rumpus. Eventually, it gave up and swam away. The dolphins by their protective action had saved the lives of five exhausted and perplexed people who were unaware of the danger that threatened them. Whereas the efforts of humans had failed, the dolphin continually called to the whales, eventually persuading mother and calf to move out into the open sea.

In her article she brought up other examples of altruistic behavior on the part of animals, in particular the story told to her by a game warden in South Africa of an elephant who had lost most of its trunk. This elephant should have died very quickly but instead, it was being kept alive by other elephants who used their own trunks to suck up water from the water-hole and squirt it into the mouth of the injured elephant. We could take note of these examples and understand that our own capacity for empathy and compassion may derive ultimately from the archaic programming of our mammalian brain.

The Octopus Encountering the octopus or sea-monster in dreams can be a terrifying experience, particularly if one is dragged down by its tentacles or limbs far below the surface of the sea. A client had a dream that a huge sea-monster had attacked a ship and dragged it down into the depths. This was the beginning of uncovering a long-forgotten childhood trauma—an experience of sexual abuse by a grandfather of which neither of us had any idea at the beginning of her analysis.

The Domesticated Animals The domesticated animals - those who have lived closer to human habitations—such as the bull, cow, horse, pig, dog and cat—may personify a level of the instinct that is closer to and, therefore, more accessible to the conscious personality. All these animals were, in past civilizations, associated with the Goddess: the cow with Hathor in Egypt and Inanna in Sumer, the bull with the rites of the Cretan goddess and the Greek god, Dionysus, the pig with Demeter in the Eleusinian Mysteries, the horse with Athene, the dog with Hecate and the cat with Isis.

It is helpful, when interpreting dreams, to hold these ancient associations, as well as more personal ones, in mind. In the Islamic tradition, pork may have been considered an unclean food because the pig was once sacred to the goddess because of its fertility. As the goddess was replaced by Allah as supreme deity, so her sacred food became unclean. The Bull Many women have dreams of being pursued by a bull. Writers and analysts often associate the bull with un-integrated sexuality, and there the dream interpretation rests.

But the image of the bull is so fascinating and complex that, just as with the snake, a book could be written on its symbolism alone. In Bronze Age lunar culture, the bull like all horned animals, represented the life-giving potential of nature, associated with the horns of the crescent moon and sacred from time immemorial to the goddess. It was the principal animal symbol of her dying and resurrected son who personified the eternally regenerating life force of the earth. Bulls were sacred animals in the lunar culture of the Bronze Age.

In Crete, the dangerous art of bull-vaulting was a part of sacred ritual in the courtyard of the temple at Knossos. In ancient Greece, white bulls were sacrificed to Poseidon, the god of the sea. The god Dionysus was often portrayed as a bull and bulls were sacrificed to him and their raw flesh eaten in a ritual feast.

Later, in the Mithraic rituals of the Roman period, the blood of the sacrificed animal drenched the initiate standing beneath a special platform. Any or all of these ancient images stand behind the dream image of the bull today, held in our unconscious collective memory, for the soul does not forget such things. If someone is not in a right relationship with this creative energy, it can turn negative and destructive; its horns can toss, rend and kill.

A bull appearing in a dream in a way that frightens the dreamer can be a warning of the need to become aware of powerful instincts that are threatening the dreamer or can indicate the need to find a channel of expression for a deeply denied longing to create or to heal. The bull is, after all, the symbol of St. Luke, the healer-physician. It often seems to me that people charged by bulls in their dreams are unable to recognize and acknowledge their creative gifts or their ability to heal. A woman who had countless dreams of being chased by a bull finally had a dream in which she was sitting by one, singing to it, while the bull, enchanted, listened to her song.

One of Jung's closest colleagues, Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz, told an amusing story of a client of hers whom she knew had the talent to write, but who insisted that he was not a writer. One day he came to her with a dream in which he was being chased by an enormous bull. Running for his life, at the last minute he leapt over a fence and looked back.

The bull had risen up on top of the fence as if to leap over it after him, and as he did so his extended penis was exposed. At the end of his penis was a ball-point pen! The unconscious could hardly have given a clearer or more witty message to the dreamer. Conneda, son of the king and queen of Connaught in Ireland, sets out on a quest which takes him into a forest. There he meets a Druid who tells him to mount the little shaggy horse he will shortly come across, to let the reins fall loose on its neck and to let it guide him where it will.

Conneda does as he is told, mounts the horse and is taken first beneath the deep waters of a lake and then over a mountain flaming with fire. The burns he sustains in the flames are healed by a magic bottle of elixir—All-Heal—which, the little horse tells him, is concealed in one of his ears.

Surviving these dangers and trials, Conneda is told by the little horse to kill him, flay his hide and afterwards anoint the remains with the elixir. Deeply distressed at having to kill his friend, Conneda nevertheless does as instructed and is amazed to see a handsome prince, who had been changed into the form of the horse by a wicked wizard, emerge from the flayed remains of his faithful friend. The prince takes him into a fairy city where his brother gives Conneda the magic trophies he has set out to find.

At times the horse in dreams seems to symbolize the instinct that, so to speak, carries the conscious personality on its back. The attitude of the conscious self towards the horse that carries it is of vital importance. Now attitudes are changing. The sight of a dressage horse moving absolutely in tune with the music being played and in sympathy with the leg and hand movements of its rider is one of the most moving and beautiful things that it is possible to see.

In dreams, therefore, it is important to be aware of how the horse is behaving. Is it able to move freely, even under the control of the bridle or, if unbridled, to gallop in freedom across the land? Is it out of control, too tightly bridled, exhausted, lame or injured? Perhaps this statue symbolizes the predicament of the instinct which has to endure the suffering we force on it by our conscious attitudes. The horse can also represent the body in dreams. The horse as body carries us faithfully through life. Often its rider has no idea that its weight has become burdensome to the animal-instinct.

Our intense relationship with our animals—horse, dog or cat—represents the externalized expression of a relationship that could be established with our own instinct. It too could benefit from the same quality of compassionate attention and affection we give to our animals.

That caring attention may, in fact, calm and soothe our own instinct. I could see its jaw was somehow distorted, the muzzle enlarged - as if its lower lip jutted forward below the top. It was bleeding too, its skin hanging in ribbons. As it turned towards me, I saw the flesh of its right shoulder shredded and bunched together like a knot of ribbons. A woman said it was in a terrible way, and implied it should really be put down.

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Asked to relate this image to what might have happened to her as a child, her six-year-old self came back to her. She suddenly remembered that she had been given a wonderful Chinese painting of chrysanthemums by a friend of her parents, in the expectation that she would color it. She had been thrilled and did indeed color in the flowers but then, wanting to add something to the magic, she had cut pictures of fairies and flowers and other images she loved out of her books and pasted them onto the picture. When her parents saw what she had done, she was severely beaten beatings were a regular occurrence in her family.

Not understanding why her parents were so angry with her, she was deeply imprinted with the idea that her instinctive and joyous impulse to create was wrong or bad and would invite punishment. This was the primal wound to her limbic brain that lay behind the image of the bleeding and flayed palomino horse.

The negative charge of that experience affected her life forty years after it happened, giving rise to severe episodes of depression whenever she embarked on a commission or tried to express her creativity she was an artist. Imprinted on her nervous system was the expectation of punishment if she took up her brushes and dared to express her creative gift.

Here is the dream of a dyslexic twelve-year-old girl, deeply distressed by her difficulties at school and unsure of her path in life: I am with a little old man with a long white beard who takes me up to the attic of a house.

Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole

It is empty except for twelve trunks. We look into each of the trunks and they are all empty until we come to the last. In this one there is nothing save a tiny black horse with a jewelled saddle and bridle, studded with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. The horse is alive. The old man hands it to me. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the girl became fascinated by horses, became an event rider and a highly respected riding teacher.

Birds As long ago as the Neolithic era, birds were regarded as messengers of the Great Mother.

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  • All birds were sacred to her, among them the crane, the swan, the goose, duck, owl, diver bird and vulture as well as smaller birds like the dove and the swallow. These find their way into later mythologies and into fairy tales that tell of the magical guidance of swans, doves or hoopoes, as in the famous twelfth century Sufi story of The Conference of the Birds by Farid ud Din Attar. In dreams birds may appear as messengers of the soul.

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    I kept these articles because I found them so interesting and have drawn on them to write this section. They perceive a dimension to existence which in our hyperconscious civilisation we have almost entirely lost touch with — and which is vital to their profound reverence for the whole business of being alive. One story in particular seemed to stand out.

    A woman wrote describing how her husband had been fascinated by owls and had photos of them around the house. It came closer, hooting at intervals, and finally settled in the tree outside my window, where it ceased hooting and made a series of clucking, comforting noises which sounded so comical that I burst out laughing.

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    I closed my eyes, and slept in great peace till the morning. This changed and the animals and the other forms of life stopped speaking to aid humans in their learning of many things, among them, listening. In earlier shamanic cultures, people would have been aware that the animal and the human world interacted with a hidden dimension of reality.

    The hoopoe has held great numinosity for me ever since I read the Sufi story of The Conference of the Birds. So when a close friend of mine had several dreams about the hoopoe, a most beautiful bird with black and white striped wings, a pink breast and a striking crest, which can be seen in southern Europe and countries around the Mediterranean, I felt it came to life for both of us. While on holiday in Crete she had a dream that three hoopoes appeared to her as she lay in a dark cave, one of them feeding from her hand. I was lying on my right side, exactly as I was in reality, and seemed to be in a dark cave.

    The ceiling was low. To my right, at the mouth of the cave, I could see a sliver of light. It became brighter, illuminating a shelf of soft green grass at the entrance. Over this shelf stepped a hoopoe. I said in amazement: "Robert my husband will not believe this. The first bird flew towards me, over my body, becoming slightly heavier and greyer, its beak more parrot-like. It flew down to my right hand and started feeding from it, although I could not imagine what I might have upon which it could feed. It rejoined its companion at the cave mouth, becoming more like a true hoopoe again.

    A third hoopoe entered, I remember little else of the dream, except my voice saying: "I do believe. It was my birthday. All day the palm of my right hand itched uncomfortably. When I got home, the research began. She was so moved and inspired by this dream and others in which the hoopoe again appeared that she wrote an MA thesis on the history and mythological meaning of the hoopoe. In the prologue to her thesis she wrote:.

    The Butterfly The butterfly is one of the oldest symbols of transformation and regeneration, No one who, as a child, has waited for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly can forget the moment when the earth-bound caterpillar turns into the beautiful, fragile winged creature that can fly. The Bee Bees as well as all insects that spin cocoons or weave webs, serve as images of the miraculous interconnectedness of life.

    The intricate intercellular structure that secretes the golden essence of life is an image of the network of invisible nature that relates all things to each other in an ordered harmonious pattern. Perhaps this is the meaning of the tale in which the infant Zeus is fed on honey in a cave in Crete, and why honey was the nectar of the gods. Furthermore the busy bee, following the impulsion of its nature to pollinate the flowers and gather their nectar to be transformed into honey, was an example of the continual activity required of human beings to gather the crops and transform them into food.

    Everyone suddenly knew what I knew, which is that Prince was like nothing else, and that he was everything. Kids who liked music talked about the music. Kids who liked art talked about the visuals. And out on the basketball court, all they could talk about was the honey he was tonguing down. This was still about a month and a half before the movie came out, so no one knew much about Apollonia yet.

    That would change. Later on, I got into the music business myself. I got to meet Prince several times. I roller-skated with him. I went to parties that he threw. But I always felt like a fan, never a peer. I remember once I was at Paisley Park. I slipped up. Maybe he actually felt bad that he had turned a generation of kids toward foul language and impure thoughts.

    I hope not. I was just trying to get out of paying a fine that was justified, for cursing that was probably justified, learned from music that will forever be justified. P rince was singular in his music. He was his own genre. That same singularity extended to everything. He went the other way in life, too. As he got older, the way he managed his career showed off that contrary streak. In the summer of , his old band, the Revolution, reunited at First Avenue in Minneapolis. They were all set up for him to join in and play. He drove right past. Prince was a great drummer, and he was always marching to his own beat.

    In moments of extreme sadness, pop-punk psychology may not be welcome, but it sometimes seemed like his need to do things his own way, and only his own way, overtook him. Control was job one to him, which allowed for amazing things in the studio and onstage, unprecedented leaps of inspiration and synthesis and an energy so prolific it seemed like it would never be shut off. But it also suggested that there was a level of mistrust when it came to letting the outside world in.

    There is a fictionalized version of this in Purple Rain , where one of the main points of contention throughout the film is whether The Kid played by Prince will listen to a song on a cassette given to him by Wendy and Lisa.