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And his motorcycle that gave him a peace of mind to work on? Burned to a crispy-fried piece of useless metal inside the barn. Tater rocked his forehead back and forth on the wall, laying his hands on either side of his head, using the wall to hold his weary body up. Tater sighed, looking down at his boots as he wished he was any place but here right now. Too much was happening at once, and he felt like his life was out of control. Olsen Lakeland just walked away, out of his life, and Tater was torn between letting him go and chasing him down, insisting that the man stay. Tater pushed away from the wall and looked over at the steps leading upstairs.

It was amazing that the fire department was outside killing the fire that engulfed the barn in flames, and his mother was in her bedroom acting as though nothing was wrong with the world. Tater turned and wrenched the front door open, walking onto the porch just as the last of the flames were banked. His Uncle Clark had been using his barn to make some drug called Liquid Wrath.

Tater had gone inside the red building, angry that his uncle would do something like that, and tried to rid the barn of the chemicals.

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Hence, his burnt-down barn. He watched his dad talk, his arms flailing around animatedly as he pointed at the barn and then back at the house. He gave his barn one last look, or what was left of it, and then started to walk up the dirt driveway, away from home and away from what had taken place here.

His back still hurt from Maverick tackling him. The guy was too damn big to be treating Tater like pigskin.

Thway (Blood Bond)

How was he supposed to know the chemicals in the barn had been explosive? They never should have been kept in there in the first place, and none of this would have happened. Tater had no clue where in the fuck he was going as he reached the main road, but it was better than being at home right now. He watched a truck amble closer, the headlights blinding him as Tater walked down the side of the road. His night was already shot down the toilet.

The truck began to move backward slowly, the tires on a lazy rotation as the pervert followed him down the deserted back roads of Brac Village. Tater stormed across the road, the brakes squeaking as the pervert stopped the truck, triumph gleaming in his lust-filled eyes. Normally he was pretty easygoing. On second thought, yes, he did. His reprieve was burnt to the ground, taking his treasured motorcycle with it.

Oh yeah, he knew exactly why he was ready to chew nails and spit them at the pervert. He sighed as he continued walking. Okay, maybe he could do something about Olsen, but that was another story altogether. Tater stopped walking and looked around him, seeing nothing but a large pasture and woods. He loved country living.

It was true that he was old enough to get out on his own. But where would he go and with what money? Maybe it was high time he found a job. It was a thought he needed to seriously consider. But Tater knew that making decisions when high on emotions was always a bad idea. Every time he got around that man he was high on emotions.

He felt tied down anytime someone tried to commit him to something, anything. Tater ran his hands over his head as he sat down on the soft shoulder of the road.

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If that pervert was back, he was going to teach him a lesson about stalking folks. Wait, did the guy say human? Just great. Another weirdo. What was it about tonight that was bringing all the freaks out? Polite could kiss his ass. Tater snorted as he shrugged. It was bad enough the Lakelands and Maverick had tried to convince him that paranormal creatures existed. He had fallen for the whole ball of wax. But the longer he thought about it, the more he realized that they were full of shit. Now this fool was out to trick him as well.

Some people took that shit way too seriously. My list of fucked-up things to happen to me has somehow tripled in the past few hours. The man hissed, showing Tater his fangs in full view now. What was with this guy? Was he that desperate to show off his dental work?

Dagon's Ride [Brac Pack 19] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic Manlove)

Tater stood, wiping his ass off as he began to walk again. The stranger with hazel eyes keeps calling him R.. He's in awe of these magnificent warriors but has eyes for only one of them. Hondo is as thickheaded as they come. Everyone around him can see how Chris feels about the big, bad warrior-everyone except Hondo.

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When bizarre occurrences keep taking place in the demon realm, Chris is ready for action, rushing in where wise men fear to tread. Can Hondo keep Chris from running into a battle he may not survive, and can Hondo set aside their friendship and become a lover.. When he glides down the highway on his motorcycle to visit his friends after his granddad's funeral, he finds himself in a small town filled with shape-shifters. Caden McQueen is only ninety years old and the youngest of the timber wolves, but he holds his own as a sentry who guards the mates residing in Alpha Maverick's home.

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Little does he know that Tangee's very straight friend who blows into town for a few days will turn out to be his mate. After Cade.. Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, werewolves] Taylor has spent his whole life listening to his mother viciously bash gay people, and his attraction to Dagon has him confused and ashamed.

Dagon is supportive in the wake of his mate's doubts and insecurities, and he tries hard to convince Taylor that love knows no boundaries. Dagon had hoped Taylor's older brother, Joshua, who's mated Dagon's brother Law, would be enough to convince Taylor to accept who he is, but Taylor still refuses to fully acknowledge his love for Dagon, and Dagon soon grows weary. Meanwhile, Taylor's inner demon may be more tangible than anyone co.. He had no idea that the bad luck he experienced his whole life was about to give its grand performance.

How has the fairy tale romance he dreamed of turned from blissful wishing into the hell he would soon find himself in? Murdock has always been the playboy of the estate. With an endless supply of willing males, who needs a mate? Then Heaven walks into the bathroom at the club and sees something Murdock wishes he hadn't. Now Murdock has two weeks to convince his mate that he didn't know Heave.. Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, shape-shifters, sex toys] When Maverick decides he wants everyone to participate in the nativity scene play, the mates scatter, trying their best not to get handed a manuscript.

The problem is, Maverick isn't taking no for an answer. When Kota decides to pay off a Christmas elf to remind Blair what the season is all about, he has no clue that the elf will decide to get even for making him wear tights. He leaves little gifts for the mates as he whistles his way through the Den.

Can the mates pull together and participate in the play, or is Maverick going to put his foot down and deman.. He is shocked to see Kurt Ackerman's name among the hardened criminals he is assigned to bring in for questioning, especially since he knows the man intimately. Tracking Kurt down and bringing him in is the easy part.

Forgetting the look of betrayal on his former lover's face is hard as hell, especially when Ryan's message for Kurt to be taken care of is used against him by a sadistic officer out to torture Kurt. Kurt was running for his life. When the man that lef.. But Steven takes a secret with him, and David is willing to kill to keep it quiet. Roman Lakeland, the youngest of seven and the foreman on the construction crew that is helping to expand Brac Village, has finally found his mate, Steven, who is living in a shelter for the battered.

Roman takes Steven home, showing him a life Steven never dreamed was possible. Roman's family takes to Steven, and their lives finally feel complete. But when someone on his cre.. He just doesn't understand why Zachary won't allow himself to be claimed. The waiting is tearing him apart. But with the Elite Force after them and a bounty on their heads, keeping Zachary alive seems more important than claiming him.

When the Lady Blue is unexpectedly sucked through a wormhole and crash lands on old Earth, keeping Zachary alive may be harder than Tank originally thought. With the ship needing repairs and the threat of discovery hanging over their heads, Tank tries to keep Zachary safe while keeping him at arm's length. The mating bond has begun, but Blade has yet to claim him.

Adwaka knows that Blade merely tolerates him, so he begins to self-medicate in order to deal with the pain. Blade must leave for a short mission and leave Adwaka behind. When he returns, he finds his mate has been sedated after an episode. Blade knows something is wrong with Adwaka but has no clue how to help him.

Blade decides sending Adwaka home may be the best solution, but can Blade selflessly let his mate go even though his heart is breaking in two? The two find their way thr.. But in doing so, he is thrown into a course of events that will alter his life forever. Olsen Lakeland has finally found his mate.

Thway (Blood Bond)

Instead of celebrating, the bear is fighting to hang on to the man that he loves and stop Tater from going insane. As the two traverse through the depths of unknown territories, the prince of vampires is on the verge of madness when he ingests blood tainted with the drug Liquid Wrath. To make matters worse, a bounty has been called on all four le.. It's not hard when he has his sights set on one delicious looking warrior.

From the moment he first laid eyes on the handsome Rainerio, Dillon knew what he wanted. Rainerio finds the human, Dillon, persistent, pesky, and unrelenting. He also finds him hot as hell. There's only one thing stopping him from taking Dillon up on his not-so-casual offer. He's seen the other mates used as pawns against the warriors, and that's something Rainerio's not willing to risk. He finds work at Theo's Bar and Grill, but what he isn't prepared for is the attention he's getting from two very handsome men.

Trevor Amite left his coven behind when the leader challenged him.

A Man's Worth [Brac Pack 31] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic Manlove)

It was better than winning and becoming the new leader, something he didn't want. While Knox fights the demons that haunt his sleep, he discovers both of his mates-and one of them is a vampire. Can he come to terms with the idea of having a bloodsucker for a mat.. Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, shape-shifters] Alex's father ignored him, his stepfather tries to have him committed, and his uncle looks at him like he's a freak.

Now his stepcousin Tater is trying to talk him into going to see his good buddy, Taylor Tate, who's a counselor. Why can't everyone just leave him alone? Gavin Lakeland discovers Alex is his mate when he helps some guys whose truck broke down in town. He quickly whisks Alex home to show him just how much he's wanted.