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Serialized in Cosmopolitan magazine, July-October, Paperback Library , paperback, February I left a comment on this blog a few days ago following my review of Death Stops the Bells , by Richard M. Baker, an author who it was easy to see was well-versed in the Van Dine approach to detective fiction. Too much of a very complicated plot is condensed into too short a space. Dead is a man who had just wagered ten thousand dollars on a horse that did not even finish in the running.

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Everyone but Philo Vance thinks so, and soon enough he is able to explain why. It is strange that I found only the one paperback reprint of this book, nor very few others reviews of it online. In terms of action it is by far the most interesting ending of any Vance book.

Me, I thought the ending was a lot of foofaraw.

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Review by Not Pauline Kael. Van Dine's supersleuth Philo Vance Edmund Lowe is called in when a man is killed during a steeplechase. William Powell was a more amusing Philo Vance earlier in the series, but the backup actors are the same here-Nat Pendleton as the lummox Heath, and Etienne Girardot as the minuscule coroner, Dr. Not much stays in the mind from this one except Frieda Inescort being pushed from a double-decker bus.

Virginia Bruce and Benita Hume are as lovely as ever.

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Directed by Edwin L. This is a pretty cheezy movie, what I mean by this is that the mystery itself is decent, no great but decent, however the reveal and climax were like something out of a detective comic book such as Dick Tracy. This is my 3rd Philo Vance film, the other two starred William Powell.

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Edmund Lowe wasn't very interesting in the starring role and he highlighted just how good of an actor William Powell was. It seems that no one wanted to play him very often either at MGM or at Paramount. I can't say I had ever heard of Edmund Lowe and after this film I can see why. He takes up space but not much more; kind of a poor man's Ronald Colman. Fortunately two of the co-stars make up for it - the always entertaining Nat Pendleton playing dim witted as he almost always does - he was so type casted as were so many actors in the old studio days but I guess it made for a living.

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Also playing the romantic foil to Vance is Virginia…. The Garden Murder Case. Director Edwin L. Ben Lewis.

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Charles G. Cedric Gibbons. William Axt. Douglas Shearer. Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Genres mystery drama. My wife asked me to make this list.