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It has a wide-enough coil base so that you can double up or triple up the spire of the tree if needed.

It does not look dark on my tree because it is glittery, and I have white lights. It is glittered all over but not overdone. It has beautiful intricate cutout work in the lace that is so unique and adds to the interest of the star. The cutout in the lace allowed me to wind a single yellow light into the center of the topper to add just a little illumination from inside the star. I was able to put it on the spire of the tree, and got it to stand perfectly, with very little effort.

The topper is finished identically on both sides, so it can be viewed from any angle. If you are looking for an elegant, refined tree topper, this Kurt Adler design is the one for you! Nowadays, most white lights are LED and have a bluish hue to me. I was thrilled when I came across this Kurt Adler star. It was the perfect color and made my tree complete. A must-buy! I wanted a star, but something that had a retro feel. The star my parents always had looked just like this, but was all-white. The star is a perfect size for my 6.


Other toppers would always fall off or constantly look crooked. It is atop a nine-foot tree, but I believe it can even work with a 12 footer. The star produces a soft white glow that was just the finishing touch our tree needed. My wife and I had been searching for a tree topper for quite some time at the various local stores without much luck. This inch, seven-point Capiz star topper is hands down better-looking than anything we came across previously.

Angel Treetops | KURT S. ADLER

For those wondering, it is a one-sided topper that has a plastic backing. It works well for our situation because we have the tree up against a wall. For those needing a degree topper, this might not be the best option for you.

Christmas Angel Ornaments - DIY Christmas Ornaments for Home, Tree Decorations

It is a bit heavy, but we just stuffed in several of the branches artificial , and it is well-supported and straight. We are extremely pleased with this product and highly recommend it to take your Christmas tree to the next level. It covers exactly what I was looking for in a tree-topper decoration.

Hazel Angel Tree Topper

Even though it is not a lighted piece, which is what I expected to find in my search, the star is so sparkly, it is better than the hassle of a light and getting an additional cord on the tree. The hole in the bottom of the figure is just right to snugly fit over the top branch. I love it so much, I am keeping her out on display all year. I received a lot of positive comments about this item from friends over the holidays.

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It is a showstopper, as a tree topper or table ornament. A fun way to send holiday greetings to family and friends. Choose cartoon people to resemble your family members and customize their skin color, hair color, and even add Santa hats or different outfits! Your cartoon family can be printed on to folded greeting cards or sheets of return address labels that you can use with any Christmas or other holiday cards.

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  7. We have cartoon family address labels for other holidays too If you're having a Christmas party this year, take a look at our fun custom Christmas party invitations and party favor bags. We have cartoon family Christmas party invitations, multicultural elves, Christmas panda and other cute themes for your Christmas party invitations and favors.

    18 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Toppers to Match Every Theme

    Beautiful Precious Moments Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean treetop angels are a perfect addition to any Asian themed Christmas tree or to celebrate the heritage of your adopted child. Secure checkout Powered by Shopify. Log in Create an account.