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Now the SEC has claimed he decided to give the stocks a price inspired by Day, an annual celebration of cannabis where stoners around the world spend all their waking hours getting baked. It is likely the girlfriend referred to in the case is the singer Grimes. It also alleged that Musk had not discussed or confirmed key deal terms including price with any funding source. He could be forced to repay any gains made after the tweets and also hit with a fine.

Ousting Musk, who has a huge celebrity status with more than 22 million Twitter followers, would be difficult and could damage the company. Joseph Grundfest, a professor at Stanford Law School and former SEC commissioner, said Musk is likely to want to settle before trial so that he could conceivably stay on as CEO, after agreeing to some constraints such as prohibiting him from making public statements without supervision.

Wondering if I should dump it and move on or hang on. Anybody have any insight? I too made an initial purchase of 2K worth of CGC.

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After a little back and forth debate on the ethics of owning market share in the production of a substance illegal under federal law and my desire for money I came to a decision. New to investing. Bigs gains daily at this time.

Buy, Sell or Hold: Canopy Growth Corp. (WEED-T) — Stock Predictions — Stockchase

Appreciate thoughts on smart way to proceed. Hold all, sale some? Thank you on your quick response and thoughts. Take the basis back and maybe a little more and go from there. Keep realistic expectations for future investments. This one has been quite the pleasant surprise so far.

Grampa's Weeder

Appreciate you and what you do. Big wins make you feel bulletproof sometimes… congratulations again, and best of luck to you! But are cost prohibitive to do so. Even with Tilray which has been crazy….. I think it will be like this for a while……just try not to get caught when it crashes…. Gumshoe himself owns some! I bought some shares in mid April and am up Happy Investing! Are MJ stocks going away? Doubt it. Great for short term and long term investing. Good luck to all! I wonder if any REIT company involved in the cannabis sector can maintain performance if and when after cannabis becomes legal in Canada and in the USA.

I would think that banks could start handing out low interest loans for cannabis companies. That is to say, when have you ever seen the banks jump into providing a fledgling industry with financial assistance? That can change fast. So you would already not really need to go through all of this to get it if you could afford it. But it would be probably the best way to get in with receiving the check. Irregulars Quick Take Paid members get a quick summary of the stocks teased and our thoughts here.

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Time to take profits. Here’s why

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