Foreign Body (The Fizz and Buchanan Mysteries Book 2)

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I enjoy teaching both teens and adults and I am usually available for workshops, talks, residencies and competition judging.

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As well as single lectures on specific subjects I offer a four session course comprising Plotting, Characterisation, Dialogue and Writing Skills. New clubs might also benefit from my talk on setting up an independent writing circle.

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Biography After writing and selling four romantic novels, short stories for magazines and radio, and various non-fiction pieces I embarked on the "Fizz and Buchanan" Crime series which has featured in the Scottish Top Ten Bestsellers. About writer's work My Crime series is often classed as 'humorous' but the themes I explore are serious as are the featured crimes. Websites featuring the author Author's website Current events and projects I enjoy teaching both teens and adults and I am usually available for workshops, talks, residencies and competition judging. Email joyceholms yahoo.

Common sense dictated that he learn his lesson and steer clear of her from now on. Obviously the man is hooked on her. More like twenty-six. Who had anything to gain from the false conviction — who could have wanted Murray out of the way for any reason — and who could have faked all of the evidence that put him into prison for three years? Well, yawn. Authors, on occasion and for various reasons, go in their own direction, and that is not always where the reader is going, or wants to, and he or she the reader is left leaning the wrong way, and sometimes in the most awkward of positions.

Which is to say, strangely enough, in this the second adventure of Fizz and Buchanan, the edge is gone. Only the slightest sense of sexual tension between the two mystery solvers remains, showing itself only now and then, and mostly then. | HOT POTATO, by Joyce Holms

Can the two cases be connected? Have you not read enough crime fiction to know the answer without asking? Once again the book plods a little in the middle, but the pieces of the puzzle are painstakingly shaped and given time to develop — perhaps a little too painstakingly — but do stay with them. What better reading experience can there be when all sorts of mysterious occurrences are eventually explained and slide into place? The Fizz and Buchanan series —.

ISBN 13: 9780747218531

At the time I wrote this pair of reviews, I knew of only six in the series, and it was before any of them were published in the US. I remember having at least one more to read, but I put it off, packed up the book, and never got back to it.

You might call that a Goof, in the vernacular. Yes, I regret now not reading the third book when I had it handy. And that slip I made about Patricia Holm may also be relevant. You are quite right, Randy. Patricia Holm important enough as a character to have her own long entry in Wkipedia, which states:. The reference to Patricia added depth and completion. TCM running the picture in the next eight or so weeks.

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Otherwise I might never have read that wikipedia entry about Patricia Holm. I once sent Leslie Charteris a number of books to autograph. It was a great one.

Foreign Body (Fizz & Buchanan Mystery)

In life, the late Mrs. Charteris, Audrey Long, had a fair resemblance to Pat Holm. Writing Pat out was a necessary evil when the Saint moved to the States — he was living with her out of wedlock which was more likely to cause comment here. And much as I liked her a romantic interest is tough to write around for a character like the Saint. Having him single opens up myriad plots.

When Ian Fleming married off Bond and widowed him in the next chapter Erle Stanley Gardner wrote that was why Perry Mason never married Della Street — if he did he would have to kill her off as he did Ed Jenkins love interest. Petersburg, Russia.